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I want to be the Hip-Hop in volleyball's Pop culture.

Jamal Chance was born and raised in the small fishing town of Gouyave, Grenada, hometown of world renowned Olympic Gold medalist Kirani James. He grew up the son of a soccer player so he was introduced to sports at an early age. At first, sticking to his father's favorite sport soccer, he also played cricket and ran track as most kids from the Caribbean tend to do. He picked up basketball after he was introduced to it by his sister. And after the summer of 2010 when he grew a whopping 6 inches, he started to focus on basketball exclusively. Playing for his high school, Presentation Brothers' College, and ultimately for his Alma Mater, Medgar Evers College.

It was in search of basketball that he was led to volleyball. He was escorted to the Athletics Dept. by the then women's head volleyball coach Charita Henry. "You should play for the men's volleyball team", a quote he carries with him to this day. He had found it absurd because he'd never played volleyball in his life, but in hindsight, the statement turned out to be foretelling on her part.

He reluctantly joined the men's volleyball team in 2012 along with various athletes from other teams to help the struggling team finish the season without forfeiting any more games.

He turned out to be a somewhat natural. With his 6'4 frame and long arms, and incredible leaping ability, he was the perfect prospect for the program without him even realizing.

After an 0-24 finish to the 2013 season, the program got a tiny injection of talent for the upcoming 2014 season which led him to take another stab at the sport. It was during that year that he saw the potential in hims…

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